What drives much of my abstract sculptural work is a desire to reuse, repurpose and give new life to discarded pieces. Throughout my journey, I seek to underscore each piece’s materiality and the story of how said materials came to me. Using discarded remnants, I can rework them into unique pieces.

Many of my abstract pieces are of aluminum; I enjoy working with this metal for its sensibility and malleability. 


My work with reclaimed driftwood is motivated mainly by the urge to discover the object’s history after I found it. Using various natural pigments and wax, I can bring out the story of the piece and give it new life.


Throughout my life, I have enjoyed freely experimenting with various mediums such as oil, acrylic, encaustic, pastels, etching, printmaking, watercolor, and other forms of mixed media.
Aqua Alta - Driftwood

The Artist


My art reflects my life and the joy that comes from being in continuous movement. Art for me has become a way of living; of seeing and feeling the world. It connects me to the everyday through all the particles of the cosmic universe, our World, Our Earth, our Nature; our Mother Nature. I make art to confirm my human faith in the beauty and joy of life, through photography, painting, and sculpture.

My sculptures move between human and abstract figures. I want to capture the sensitivity of the sculpted subjects, their emotions, all the vital energy of their mood. For some of my sculptures, I have used clay, wax, or plastilina. These materials allow me to feel the process, capturing the development of the subject in every moment. Some pieces have been fired; others have been cast using bronze, resin, or plaster.

For the abstract sculptures, I want to convey the clarity of the blue sky and the energy absorbed from the sun’s rays. For them I have used a variety of materials, especially natural and industrial remnants. Collecting discarded materials for me is a source of inspiration, be it a piece of metal, wood, cardboard, or stone. I can give these objects new value and a new presence, showing that they are beyond what they appear to be or have been made to be, raising questions and musings in those who observe them. I seek to present a critical position towards the world of waste and consumerism, encouraging contemplation in the viewer.

After attending the University to get my professional studies in Industrial Technology and MA in Education; my passion for art drove me in 1983 to attend my first workshops in photography, painting and ceramics at Instituto Bellas Artes (Colombia). This gave me a formative introduction and I have explored all three artistic expressions since then.

When I was about 34, I traveled to New York. I fell in love with this diverse and cosmopolitan city, and I decided to stay. It is because of this beautiful and exuberant experience, that my continued development in photography, painting, and sculpture has been taking shape. I found a mentor in the sculptor Nathaniel Kaz at the Art Students League where I enrolled in classes during different years starting in 1990. I also attended workshops at other art school locations in New York.

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