Stepping Forward
Aluminum and Wood
14" x 11" x 11"

Aqua Alta - Driftwood

The Artist


Since my childhood in Colombia, I have been inspired by art and creative forces. My father was a wood craftsman, and my mother was a woman who in every act of her life expressed her creativity regardless of limitations. We were low income family, so strugg les for daily life often took priority, my parents were eager for me to get a safe job as a teacher or secretary. Despite of this, my passion drove me towards art ,and in 1983 I attended my first workshops in photography, painting, and ceramics at Instituto Bellas Artes. This gave me a formative introduction and I have explored all three artistic expressions since then.

I was about 34 when I traveled to New York; I felt in love with this diverse and cosmopolitan city therefore I decided to stay. This  beautiful and exuberant experience, made me to continue the development in photography, painting and sculpture. I found a mentor in the sculptor, Nathaniel Kaz, at the Art Students League where I took variety of classes for several y ears beginning in 1990. I also attended other art schools such as the Fashion Institute of Technology, School of Visual Arts… The move to Berlin in 1995 with my husband Horst Liepolt for 3 year, was propitious for my work to crystalized. I began to exhibit frequently. Later on, I started in Colombia and USA mainly in New York City where I currently reside. I have made the decision to focus my work on positivity and joy because I have suffered difficulties, tragedies, and loss.

The lessons that come from change and from new approach are important to me. Whatever inspired me in the moment is of great importance to me, one day I will photograph, other day I will sculpt, and another day I will paint. I enjoy learning about new materials and new techniques to keep the process fresh and exciting.

My sculptures move between figurative and abstract. When creating more realistic figures, my focus is on capturing the sensitivity of the sculpted subject, the emotions and all the vital energy of their moods. I enjoy wor king with materials like clay, wax and plastilina, that allow me to mold and capture the development of the subject in every moment. Some works have been cast using bronze, resin or plaster.

The things often inspire me for to make abstract sculptures; for these I use a variety of materials, having a strong focus on disposable items, industrial leftovers and nature matters. I can give new value – new presence to a piece of metal, a chunk of wood, some cardboard, a stone… My goal and intention are to highlight every object; give them a new existence, showing that they are beyond the functions for which they have been created – now they have a new life, a new use. I want to reflect a position towards the world of waste and consumerism which encourages contemplation and mindfulness.

Art for me is way of living, of seeing and feeling the world. I feel art as something that connects me with the universe and all its cosmic particles. I make art to confirm human faith, beauty, and joy of life 


Sculpture Abstract

Sculpture Figurative

Paintings, Drawing

Other Works


Inspiration by Curiosity — Proposal for the ASL program 2012/13 Model to Monument: Public Art in Public Spaces (M2M)

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